What to look for during your Home Inspection

Home inspections are designed to protect you from unexpected repairs and costs after move-in. By assuring the buyer that they are purchasing the best home for their money, home inspections are an invaluable resource in the home buying process.

In most cases, home inspections analyze a number of factors both inside and outside the home. We begin with the six most critical inspection concerns for the exterior of the home.

Foundation :  The most important thing to check for in the foundation are cracks. If any cracks or irregularities are noticed in the foundation, a further inspection may be needed to check the integrity of the construction.

Roof:  When the roof is inspected, it must first be determined if any leaks are present. If the roof is free of leaks, a proper inspection  will then attempt to determine if the roof possesses any flaws that could cause leaks in the future. During inspection , it is also important to notice if any large trees hang over the home. Wet leaves from such trees can sometimes cause serious problems for homeowners.

Drainage:  The most important thing to consider is how the home is situated on the property. To ensure adequate drainage and prevent flooding in the home, the surrounding land should slope away from the home. Additionally, all gutters and drainage spouts should be angled away from the home.

Windows and Doors:  Besides looking for broken glass, a check of the windows should cover many factors. Ideally, all windows should be open and close properly with a good seal, be free of rot around the window sills and have all screen intact. Similarly, all doors opening to the exterior should open and close properly with a good seal to prevent extra heating and cooling costs.

Siding, Trim, Gutters and Paint:  An inspection  of the exterior siding or paint should check for the presence of bubbling or peeling. Also all exterior fixtures that do not impact the structural integrity- such as ornamental trim and rain gutter- should be checked for overall condition.

Decks and Porches :  If the home has a deck or porch, the inspection  will try to uncover the presence of rot or insect damage.

February 28, 2018

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