Closing Process for Sellers

Negotiating offers:

How to handle multiple offers? Talk to your agent about how you want to handle that.

After accepting an offer, your agent will get documents to the closing agent, the closing agents will need the following:

  • Who is your loan with?
  • What is your loan numbers?
  • What is the last (4) digits of your social security number?
  • What is your forwarding address?

Buyer will setup time to do the inspection. Water, power and gas need to be turned on in order for inspection to be done. 

Appraiser will set up time to do the appraisal, They will let the lender know if there are any required repairs. Lender will contact your agent if there are any requirements.

Agent will call to find out when you can close and get that setup for you.

If you need to bring money to the closing, the check will need to be cashiers check or a money order made out to the title company. Bring your divers license the day of the closing, in case there are documents that need notarized. 

Get utilities and insurance out of your name the day of closing. Once all signing is completed, the title company will release you net proceeds. You can bring keys and garage door openers to the house to closing or leave them in the home. Check with your REALTOR.  Call us today!!!

February 27, 2018

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