Why Pay a Commission?

Homeowners attempting to sell their home without the assistance of a real estate professional generally do so for one and one reason only. It's to avoid paying a commission fee. Is it worth it? Only the homeowner can answer that, but experience has … [Read more...]

Deciding what to offer

Houses have lots of different prices and values Listing or asking price - Price seller would like to get Buyer's price range - What buyer can afford. Sale price - Price the house actually sells for. Market Value/ Appraised Value - Established by … [Read more...]

Important Things To Avoid Before Buying A Home

Don’t Move Money Around Do Not Change Jobs Salaried Employees: Mak sure to remain in the same line of work Hourly Employees: Make sure to remain in the same line of work Commissioned Employees: Do not change jobs before buying a home. Doing so … [Read more...]

Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

Income Tax Savings Interest paid can be tax deductible Stable Monthly Housing Costs Monthly payments remain stable Forced Savings You are building equity in your home, whereas paying rent builds no equity Freedom and Individuality Freedom … [Read more...]

Your Rights When Purchasing a Home

Basic Rights You have the right to shop for financing, real estate agents, insurance, etc. Don’t let anyone discourage you from shopping around. It’s important to shop – a house is probably your biggest purchase. It’s a good idea to a get a second … [Read more...]